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"Thank You!  You inspired me so much . . . I can't stop thinking about all of the interesting facts . . ."  --  Gianna

"Thanks for doing your presentation to my class.  My favorite part  was when you talked about the Iditarod race and when you met Jeff King!"  --  Andrew

"With all of the information you gave me, I will probably teach a 3rd grade class about Alaska . . . all of the facts were amazing!"  -- Joelle

"Thank you for teaching us so much about Alaska!"  --  Jade

"I had fun watching your slide show!"  --  Maddie

"Thank you for sharing the amazing facts with my class . . . Your presentation was awesome!"  -- Katie

"I loved the presentation you guys put on for us . . . It's cool that you met Jeff King!"  --  Sophia

"Thank you for sharing a wonderful presentation about Alaska to my class . . . One amazing fact that I did not know was that Mt. McKinley is the tallest mountain in the US and is 20,322 feet high." 

‚Äč"I loved the presentation . . . I can't believe the Alaskan pipe line is over 700 miles long or that otters live in groups called rafts!"  --  James

"Thank you for telling us about Alaska!  I liked the picture of Mt. McKinley and the helicopter video!"  -- Scott